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Unesco 2022 EN


18 - 24 | JULY | 2022

Welcome to the XIV Annual Conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

From 18 to 24 July 2022, Santos will be hosting the XIV Annual Conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). The Conference, welcoming delegates from almost 300 cities in around 90 countries, will revolve around the theme ‘Creativity, path to equality’ and will be hosted for the first time in Latin America.

The event aims to highlight the role of culture and creativity in reducing social and economic inequalities and in the revitalization of urban spaces, promoting exchange and collaboration on the activities of the UNESCO Creative Cities, in line with UNESCO's global priorities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During the Conference, Santos, together with UNESCO, will be pleased to receive participants from the Network including mayors, city focal points and other city representatives, with a diverse programme composed of plenary sessions, thematic panels, the Mayors Forum, subnetwork meetings, etc., as well as a cultural programme and other additional activities.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network

The Creative Cities Network is a UNESCO flagship city programme launched in 2004 to promote cooperation amongst cities that recognize culture and creativity as strategic factors for sustainable urban development. In 2015, Santos proudly joined the Network as a UNESCO Creative City of Film. The other creative fields covered by the Network are: Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts, and Music.





Online Registration Form and List of Accommodations

Online Registration FormList of Accommodations

Pavilion BlueMed

Expo Creative Cities


Expo Creative Cities will be in the exhibition pavilion it will bring together Brazilian creative cities that can share their best practices, as well as promoters of the local creative economy and from several other states in Brazil.
The program will feature cultural presentations and cinematographic exhibitions in Santos, as well as workshops related to the seven areas of development recognized by UNESCO


Pavillion Museu Pelé




Exhibitions of award-winning Brazilian artists connected with the Sustainable Development Goals and space for exhibitors from Brazilian design cities. Auditorium with room for criators and chats to talk abou it. Participation of the Creative Ecofactory. A Literary environment with regional authors and a writers' exhibition, as well as rooms for debate on national and regional literature.

Museu Pelé

Pavilion Arcos



Crafts and Folk Art



There will be a main gastronomic pavilion. Cooking with local chefs and chefs from creative Brazilian cities, foodtrucks, cinema space, jazz, rock and chorinho (brazilian music) musical performances. LIVE MPB (brazilian music), popular and erudite trios and DJ's, a fair with handicraft exhibition


Pavilion Guarany



Meetings for debates on national and local cinema. Cinema for the public with screenings of films from creative cities and cinematic chats and conversation circles with personalities from national and local cinema. Exhibitions and visits to public cinemas. Project Set na Praça, where the public participates experiencing the technical functions and acting in a scene. Musical performances from movie soundtracks.


Pavilion Frontaria




Exhibitions in partnership with the Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museum of image and sound), conversation circles about cinema, shows of local video clips, various musical performances and movie soundtracks.


Discover more about the Host City of Santos

Discover more about the Host City of Santos