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City of Film

The city breathes cinema

A camera in your hand, a city in your head: Santos

Lights, camera, Santos. Inside or outside the screening rooms, the City 'breathes' cinema, whether because of the wide range of public and private rooms, for its scenarios that are gaining more and more space on the 'screens', its film festivals or for the intense work of its audiovisual professionals. These and other characteristics justify the Creative City seal in cinema, granted to Santos by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in 2015.


Courses and Formation


Santos also stands out for its options for undergraduate and graduate courses in the audiovisual sector, in addition to having free workshops offered by the Secretary of Culture. The Municipal Administration also plays an important role in investing in local productions, through the Contest to Support Independent Cultural Projects of the Municipality of Santos (Facult) and the Contest to Support Cultural Projects of Short Films.

Artistic Training

The City also has three public schools for artistic training: the Municipal School of Bailado de Santos, the Free School of Dance and the Wilson Geraldo School of Performing Arts. In the latter, the trainee leaves the entity with the professional registration (DTR), which offers greater opportunities in the job market.




Support for audiovisual productions will gain even more strength, with the Santos Thematic Center for Cinema, which will be built in the annex building of the Municipal Market, as part of the proposal for remodeling and revitalization of the Vila Nova neighbourhood. The complex will have a school and public film studios, expanding spaces for professional training and technical support for local productions.



And when the word is support, one cannot fail to mention the work developed, since 2007, by the Santos Film Commission, whose logo of its trajectory has already supported almost 600 national and international productions of the most varied types: films, commercials , photo essays, video clips, series, soap operas, documentaries. Thanks to this work, Santos' sets have already played on screens around the world.

Rooms & Festivals

But it is within the 'darkness of cinema' that Santos gives yet another proof of strength when it comes to audiovisual. The City has dozens of commercial rooms, which have brought the biggest hits in the cinematographic market to the City's public. And within the five public rooms in Santos, the public from all regions of the city has the chance to have fun for free, or paying popular prices, as in the case of Cine Arte Posto 4, one of the only 'foot in the sand' cinemas in the country. .



The effervescence of cinema in Santos is even more intense during events related to the segment, such as what happens in the screenings of the Santista Short Film Festival - Curta Santos, which this year will reach its 20th edition, and also at Santos Film Fest - Santos International Film Festival, which next June will be held for the eighth time.
Fun and Art Anywhere

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